About V-Tracker

Track and monitor virtually anything!

V-Tracker, the Internet of Things (IoT) appliance, can be used to track and monitor virtually anything.

Started as a software platform to track activities and events within Virtual Reality environments back in 2006, V-Tracker has been expanded to recieve data from a variety of V-Tracker hardware modules that allow various sensors to be connected with the ease of a telephone plug. V-Tracker sensors allow you to monitor air temperature, humidity, lumens of light, water levels, liquid temperature, air flow, liquid flow, motion, distance, liquid spray, rain, air quality, liquid PH, and soil humidity.

Captured data is sent over Wifi or Ethernet cable to a database server, which can be running at your facility or hosted by us in our cloud, and made available to our robust and proven analytics engine. An up-to-date and responsive AngularJS/Bootstrap website provides for a a variety of dashboards and reports.

Action Commands can be defined which include trigger events that kick-off any command that is defined within, and a series of commands can be strung together to make a flow of commands, called an Action Flow. Each sensor can have its own Action Flow and commands can include sending sms texts, making phone calls, or sending emails. More complex interactions like cycling industrial equipment, powering-up pumps, or toggling high voltage power are also supported, but due to the potental hazards involved with such environmental control, these features are only available when combined with consulting and installation services directly provided by Code4Software.

While there are other IoT solutions out there, V-Tracker was designed and produced using off-the-shelf components and Additive Manufacturing principles, which keep costs low, thereby allowing us to offer the V-Tracker solution at substantial savings versus our competitors.

Code4Sofware is located in the city of Hollywood, Florida, just North of Miami Beach on A1A. We're conveniently situated within thirty minutes of Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport. You can learn more about Code4Software by clicking here: www.code4software.com.